BAITBUS – Straight Bait Goes Gay For Pay & He Regrets It

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After the first night I didn't feel like going to work this morning I'd rather have stayed with my sweetheart but I couldn't So I went to work and all I could think about all day was the night before and the thought of what I'd be waiting for in the next few days I'm usually so busy at work that time goes by so fast for me but it's not like that now I couldn't focus on work and I've often felt that my dick was a little cramped because the fantasies had taken their toll At lunchtime when I came over for lunch my darling was still in her nightgown You slept late He rested on the journey of the day before and of the evening She was wearing that little black satin nightgown again The sight of him warming my lunch by the stove drove me wild I stood behind him and I did not want to hold him for the sleeves of my work clothes were dirty but I pressed the beautiful prospect thighs from the bottom to the top and held the dress slightly up his butt Then he leaned forward a little bit pushed his butt out towards me and sighed a great deal while I caressed him I could have gone at him again but I couldn't because I only had half an hour to get back We sat down at the table and I started eating He didn't eat because like I said he slept late and had breakfast a little while ago He sat next to me on my left and he smiled at me with a nasty smile It was hard not to start something again but I finally got my mind off it We talked about what you'd make me for dinner and we fixed the Christmas menu I finished lunch we exchanged a hot kiss and I went back to work At work all I could think about was her beautiful body and all I could think about was the last night's pictures of her writhing with pleasure The night finally came when I was done at work and I was running back to the little apartment where I had dinner and who knows what else When I walked in the door I found my sweetheart in a bathrobe I've already seen it as sexy as it is in almost every situation I took a shower and by the time I was ready I had a nice dinner on the table I only ate by myself this time because he always eats early but he sat next to me again and I saw his naughty smile again As I watched I had a feeling he was up to something and I was right Before I finished dinner he stood up from me and went into the room
- Come in when you eat it - he told me
At that point I knew for sure that naughty smile wasn't an accident The way he locked the door and smiled while he was doing it it drove me crazy I started eating pretty fast but then I slowed down so he'd have time to get ready inside I was so excited about this whole situation My head was flashing again last night plus the excitement of what's inside and I was ready My dick was so swollen I thought it would explode I finished dinner put the plate in the sink and I went to the room I opened the door and what was waiting for me was unusual The room was lit up by a number of candles and on the little table by the bed there was a little box where we keep our sex toys and I had no idea he brought it with him and he was kneeling on the bed and he was beautiful Wildly beautiful She wasn't wearing just a thigh-high stocking that looked like a tiny see-through skirt It started at her hips and her beautiful pussy was barely covered in it but the material itself was like a thin veil so you could see right through it At first I was breathless in that outfit I looked at the fake smile on his face the line of his neck and shoulders the very hot little breasts the ever widening shape of his hips and the beautiful shapely cut hair between his legs and the little cut under him that always affects me so much I closed the door behind me and I thought I'd sit by the bed so I could take a closer look at everything but when the door slammed he called me
- Stop right there - he told me
I stopped by the closed door and I watched what was coming and then he started music on the computer The music wasn't too slow It didn't come down to a very romantic sensual thing and it didn't I mean it was very sensual and extremely hot but it seemed that this was not going to be a soft romantic evening it was going to be more of a wild thing He started caressing himself like this on his knees He stroked his body on both sides several times then he held his thighs and his breasts in his hands several times He grabbed them and looked at me I felt like I couldn't stand it and I threw myself at it but it was so good to watch He had one hand on his chest again and the other one on his way to his groin but he had only missed it once or twice He stroked himself a little wild and finally he actually went for his clitoris()


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