baby, give me it


My mom and I live in separate apartments Everyone gets to live their own little life My mom's 44 I'm 22 my mom's apartment has my own key and I can always marry her without a word
My story started here about a month ago On a hot July afternoon I thought I'd visit my mom in boredom Since no man has been nice to her in a long time I thought I'd surprise her with a bouquet of flowers
So I went to the flower shop first there was a selection of flowers but I didn't know what kind of flowers my mother would like most so my decision fell on a few bouquets of roses After that I went to my mother who lived on the top floor of a four-story block tired from the heat and took the strength to take the stairs and then I went up thinking " What if I tried my mother's House today?"
I had a hard time getting up to four - re my key-I plucked it from the bottom of my pocket and then I opened the door and when I walked through the door my mom was standing in the room door opposite the front door wearing a T-shirt that went down to the middle of her thigh I greeted her with bright eyes and a lovely smile and then I handed her the bouquet of flowers which surprised her so much that her eyes were near tears of happiness He thanked me with two big kisses and a big hug
- Why am I getting this? "She asked me"
- I just thought it would be nice for you to be so nice
- Yes you are you're very sweet
I had two more kisses on my face
- I'll put it in a vase
With that sentence he turned around and went into the bedroom and tried to remove a vase from the top of the cupboard for the flower While reaching out his T-shirt slipped up to his waist which allowed me to admire his shapely round buttocks and I was astonished that he was not wearing a thong I couldn't help but notice that she had a nice ass Suddenly he turns to me and he answers with a smile
- Thank you but I need you to help me get this vase off
As he asked he approached her and I took off a vase which I had difficulty reaching
"I'll fill it with water" I said
I went to the kitchen and mom turned around and gently patted my butt and remarked
- you got a nice ass too son I bet the girls love to pet it
- they don't just like it believe me
- You don't?
- No no no no
- Then what else do they love about you son?
And then we got into the kitchen and I pretended I hadn't heard the last question and then mom repeated her question
- Then what else do they love about you son?
"Many things" I answered and smiled at my mother asking me such a question
- Shall I make some coffee? "She asked me"
- Yeah thanks
While he was busy making coffee I put the flowers on the shelf above the table and I stood next to mom and gently stroked her shapely ass through the T-shirt with my left hand
- Son He spoke to me in a gentle voice
- What? If you tested my ass then let me do the same - I said to him with a smile
He looked at me and he smiled and we sat across from each other at the table and we smoked I broke the silence for 1 or 2 minutes with my question
 You're not mad that I caressed your ass too
- No
- Good I'm glad you're not mad
- Why would I be mad?
- I don't know But you do have a really nice nice feel of your butt even though you're 44 years old and you've already had two kids
- Thank you son I don't understand why she's up there and now you're all nice and normal and thoughtful but now you're just different - and she's smiling and then I get a big kiss on the left side of my face
- I know you've been really upset lately you've been having a lot on your mind and I thought I'd try and make you feel better
- Thank you darling you're sweet
Then he stood up and made the coffee and we went to the room where we sat on the couch We put the coffee on the coffee table and then we smoked again and continued our conversation
 Mom I know I owe you a lot and every time I've had a problem you've always been there for me and I just want you to know that I'm always there for you
He smiled and said
- Thank you son but there are some things I'm not sure you can help me with
"For instance" I asked grinning
- Well
- So what?
- Well you can't help me with sex
- Technically no it's true
In my country sex was never a taboo topic we could always talk about such things very well
- technically? - he asked
- Yes technically because it's just a moral impediment
After that sentence my mother looked at me with a very mixed look On the one hand he was a little angry on the other hand he was interested in what I was trying to say to him


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