Augustas nights – sex party

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It was two months ago I was going to my best friend Vanda's birthday party We've known each other for like six or eight years we went to the fifth grade of elementary school together and we went to high school together We have so many experiences together I remember the huge parties the boyfriends And our first real adult vacation when we were 18 Wanda's about 5 '7" long red hair and blue-green eyes she's quite striking He always loved to spin dance party have a lot of friends I knew there would be some people at the party I didn't know but that didn't bother me at all because I could fit in with a crowd very quickly and I could get the voice of everyone Since everyone could have brought a man with them I wasn't preparing for the party alone I've decided to take my friend Mark with me We've been dating for over two years but we're still in love We've never been jealous of each other and we should have our reasons: brand 6 '2" blue eyes and black hair and muscular And his masculinity is at least 18 to 19m although I've never measured it properly I'm 5 ' 10 "and 5 '10" blond hair curly hair and blue eyes I guess I can tell you without any vanity that I look good
So it's Party day We were fashionably late as it should be We heard loud music in the stairwell As soon as we walked in it was probably a half an hour ago and we were running pretty low on boozeThere were so many of us I said hello to some friends and Mark brought the booze We had a few drinks and then we danced and drank again I can't remember exactly how much but I can tell you too much I only saw Vanda once in a while dancing and laughing with different men I caught him once and gave him two kisses and wished him a happy birthday Maybe it was all the booze but I really wanted my date I looked him in the eye and I saw that he felt the same way I touched Mark closely with my lips looking for his mouth We started kissing while he was stroking my butt I got more and more turned on and I started caressing her as we made out more and more ferocious I could feel his virility rising He whispered in my ear that we should step away from the others I nodded and headed for Wanda's bedroom I opened the door and almost closed the door quickly for I saw a couple making love But Mark was already dragging me in and when I was standing in the middle of the room I noticed that not only a couple were having sex: there were at least three or four of them Mark pulled me into an empty space and started kissing my neck moving down It didn't take much foreplay to get all wet: everyone around me made love The thought of the others watching us turned me on more and more I threw myself at Mark We took off our clothes and went at each other He was lying on his back and I rode his big tool He stroked my breasts with his hands and I rode him at an ever-increasing pace I leaned back and forth and lustful moans left my lips But before he came he pulled his tool out of me and pointed it at my breasts Her fine spray was all over my breasts and it was dripping down my stomach I was just about to wipe it with my hands and then lick it off my fingers when someone spoke to me:
- No I got it
It was Wanda He wasn't alone he was a stranger to me but he was a very handsome man Wanda didn't give me much of a choice: she rolled over the bed and started licking Mark's sperm off of me He slowly circled his tongue around my nipples and then gently swallowed it and sucked it Even after I came a few minutes ago I felt like I was getting turned on again As Wanda licked one of my nipples she caressed and caressed the other with her free hand I moaned louder and louder and it felt really good My pussy demanded his share louder and louder Wanda after collecting enough sperm in her mouth leaned over me and poured it into my mouth And then we started kissing and I deliberately didn't swallow my saliva or Mark's sperm With my tongue I could see into the mouth of Wanda who did the same thing to her()


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