Anal Massage Session

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It was MondayI was just getting over New Year's Eve I never thought this day would end well I wasn't hungover but I was tired because I didn't get much sleep I was on my way to the post office and I heard a whistle behind me I turned around and the surprise hit my chin It was my ex-girlfriend I hadn't seen in almost three years We didn't spend much time together and he didn't talk to me for a long time but now he comes to me He's changed a lot It's beautiful Black long hair with at least 90-something tits and a tight ass that would've made the most popular guy on the planet stand on fire After he said hello we started talking and I found out a lot about him how he was how he was how he wasn't we found ourselves at home We were already in my room A lot of stuff came up but then it came up which is all people talk about is sex He confessed to being a sex maniac couldn't resist having at least one act a day I could understand that I'm no less obsessed with it myself And then I went crazy I embraced him and began to kiss his neck At first he tried to resist
- You shouldn't It's not gonna end well if you do this please please
But his actions showed otherwise Soft moans made me know you were enjoying it He kept asking but I wouldn't let him I kept kissing her neck sometimes leaning against her ear and I kissed her a little bit My hands slipped down to the bottom of the first class and I grabbed it That I was on the right track he showed me that his lips were once again soft moans He didn't resist anymore He tried to talk me out of it once or twice but I knew he wanted something completely different Me I slowly pulled him to the bed and sat down I put him in my lap right in front of me My dick was staring at me and he could feel it As soon as he sat down he started moving on me Meanwhile I caressed her back and kissed her wild He kissed me back while he kept moaning I took his turtleneck off him Through the T-shirt I started caressing her breasts nice and slow while she was moving all over me making you and me nervous He leaned over my ear and whispered it into my ear:
- I haven't been this excited in two years I really want you - he whispered to me in a trembling voice
- Well you're gonna get it - I said no more Once again I covered her neck with a wild tube caressing her breasts with one hand while the other held her back
I took off the T-shirt and as a result she turned up with big tits Her nipples were hard as she got pulled up I didn't make her breasts wait muchI clung to her with my mouth almost immediately I licked them both He made a sound of small screams which turned me on While I pampered one breast with my tongue and the other with my hands She was undressing me He didn't settle for a one-on-one solution He practically ripped off the two tops I was wearing I aimed at his neck again while he was moving on me again Then he slowly got up and took off his pants He showed me how to do the same I did not rest immediately followed his example There was only a palm of cloth covering the most delicious part My dick nearly punctured the underwear I was wearing


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