Accidental Cum Shots

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All I'm saying is for as long as I can remember I've been attracted to women's underwear When I was a kid I'd put on my sister's panties and nylons and then when I was growing up I'd have my own which I kept hidden in my room so that in the night when everyone was asleep I could pick them up and wax them
All I'm saying is I've been attracted to women for as long as I can remember
underwear When I was a kid I'd hide in my sister's panties
in her nylons and then when I was growing up I had my own which I kept hidden in my room so that under the cover of night when everyone was asleep I could pick them up and wax them
I've had a lot of girlfriends but I've never dared to tell anyone about this and to this day no one around me knows Just like no one knows that I have some affection for men When I dress up in my lace panties black stockings and lay on my back on the bed a man appears in my mind bending over me hugging me and touching me But for years I didn't dare take the first step towards making this dream come true
And then I went to a homo movie I sat in and I was kind of disgusted at masturbating men How did I get here I asked I couldn't stand it for five minutes so I had to get out I was ashamed to even be able to sit in such a horrible place But last night when I was lying on my bed in my stocking I remembered how excited I was to see everyone at the movies looking at me exactly the way I used to look at girls They stared at me winked at me clearly showing their intentions I'm young and maybe I can tell you that he's handsome and the people there were mostly older than me and I managed to get their attention in a few minutes and I enjoyed that
So soon I went again under my jeans with my beautiful lace panties The man next to me soon began to caress my thighs I fought back I pushed his hand away but then I started to overcome my inhibitions and I let him open my fly She was a little surprised by my panties but I think she liked them too He enjoyed stroking my cock under my panties and shame on me shame on me shame on me but that was enough for me to spray all over my panties But after I came I felt a terrible sense of shame and I quickly pulled up my fly and I almost escaped from the cinema
But then over and over I felt like going to the movies and more and more I showed my underwear to the men and began to accept their advances I loved the way they discovered my panties the stockings on my feet and they grabbed my penis wildly I used to grab a nice stick myself but nothing more than masturbation had ever happened until the 27th of February
I came up to pest that day to do all the good stuff because I live on Dorog I wasn't actually planning on going to the movies It occurred to me in the West since I'm here why don't I sit in for an hour? I bought a black nylon skirt that I wore to the Westend toilet no panties It was a little small so it was tight all over me and my dick was all over my body Then I walked to the movies I bought a ticket to the smaller one of the two rooms There were three of them in there and I sat behind them in the last bench A young man with glasses and two old men On the screen of a sailing ship four or five crewmen have worked hard on each other The old people in the movie theater were masturbating delicately and the young guy was just sitting there
Nothing happened for quite some time with all three men staring at me but it seemed to me that the young one in particular would have serious intentions He was staring at me so hard it was confusing and when I would pee on him sometimes he would just tell me to sit next to him I didn't react which apparently disappointed him
Soon the door opened and a tall middle-aged curly man came in As he slowly walked past me he looked at me and then he stood back at the end of the room
We sat there motionless and from the scenes we saw in the movie my dick slowly began to stiff under my stockings I gently unzipped my fly reached in with one or two fingers and enjoyed stroking the slippery stockings on my tail The old people noticed my movements and they turned more and more often waiting for me to pull out my dick The young boy was impatient and I could see from his small gestures that he was trying to rush me to undress He pulled his dick out himself and showed it to me And then after a while I realized that it wasn't just me that turned men around They're looking behind me where the curly man is standing()


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