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I was nine years old when I was brought to the Highlands to the families of my father's former Masters Here and there because there were more Masters In one village and in another because my father as a hardworking well-working servant was handed over to each other in the season of great works These families are dear to me even today my childhood many colorful memories ring there in the ever-growing time I went to the mountains hunting sparrows with a slingshot grazing geese in the fields of the hills below the hillside on the Tarlo while there were unspeakably exciting topics among the boys because in the afternoons the chatcs party went on for hours so it would not have worked with the girls either There are a lot of exciting stories in the memory locker from that time often they start living almost independent lives and they crave you as soldiers from the barracks when you've been locked up for a very long time
I felt most comfortable not in the village where my father used to hang out but in the neighbourhood a few kilometers from here and the following summer after the first year I was invited here and later I was looking forward to the summer to go and the country swallowed me up for weeks
Uncle Nicholas had a family of three Their daughter their only child was 16 when I was 12 She was 18 barely out of high school married a few months later my mother and I were at her wedding Aniko was a nice girl but I didn't look at her for a long time as a woman she was like an adult to me when I was just a kid running around with my friends picking on me a lot because we liked each other but it didn't get to a high temperature We lived in two different worlds and this world only came into contact at the wake of the morning and at lunch but not always there Besides he was a kid I was a kid
I was ten years old when I first visited them in the summer but that summer can't be described This world was freedom and adventure for me One big multi-episode years-long adventure But the nature of the adventure changed every year By the time I was 12 years old Aniko was in a state of uncontrollable high spirits explosive temperament He was the devil He was a success among the villagers but he kept saying he didn't like any of them one more insufferable than the other I've been running around in the mountains with my buddies all day
I didn't care much about the girl even though she teased me by the time she saw me I was gone and at night I could listen to them not seeing the guest as soon as I ate the food I was gone as if the ground had swallowed me
Well that was true I've been able to disappear all my life undetected if I wanted to it's always been my specialty
Out in the hills talking about girls all the time There was a boy among us who was called " Billy Goat" and for 12 years he had a dick so big it was a scandal Slightly curved down thick as a blade slightly alarming with a large plum-like Acorn at the end
"They have the blood of a dog" said his mother " and you will learn nothing but bad things from such people and your mother will claw my eyes out for not taking care of you"
Aniko then told me what I already knew that goat's father was a drunk violent man his mother was a woman and his sister was a hideous little whore as many soldiers in the station they were "all fucked up" because every week he was out on the mountain with another
So what we were dealing with was that Jozsi my dear friend a God-carved ugly-mouthed but very life-able kid told me everything he knew about Juli From his father who was a miner and had a spyglass in secret he stole the mysterious contraption and with five or six of the same nasty little maggots as us we lay down on the mountainside peeking at it from the edge of the forest as it goes out to the border and as it attaches itself to the tent-covered Soldier The Little Sixteen years of his sister's "Billy Goat" The fact that they're" going to fuck "and that the soldier is about to" catch the girl " gave us a very stuffy air We imagined that Juli would lie in the grass naked on her back spread her thighs and show the soldier what we want to see After that the pictures of the drilling were taken and we saw the soldier pushing him between his legs as they both gasping for air We talked about it for days our dicks got hard and after a couple of hours of stuffy chit-chat we would have hit it in the oak tree but we had to do it at home last night There's been some serious speculation that if this Juli is such a huge bitch then maybe she could take care of us the little suckers and take care of us We figured it wouldn't cost her anything not a complicated girl What a paradise we'd be in if we could get something out of him but the goat said his sister wouldn't give it up under the soldier ' cause she loves cock and the big ones of course()


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