100 Percent Blonde

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It's been a week since our fantastic lovemaking with Krista I've been thinking about her ever since her beautiful face her fantastic breasts her sweet pussy Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to visit him again and I was so desperate to see him I didn't even think about masturbatingI wanted to leave the pampering of my dick to him It was Monday afternoon when I felt it was time I couldn't wait any longer I'd go over to Krista's and have sex with her again I went to their stairwell and who was waiting for the elevator ? Of Course He Did
- Hey Krista - I greeted him with a smile She turned back with her bright eyes and smiled back at me
- Hi - hi What are you doing here ? - he asked mischievous It's not like he didn't know He was teasing me
- You know damn well what it is I was on my way to see you I can't live without you I really want you "I replied and then we entered the elevator in the middle of time together"
 I want you too but you know I can't right now My husband and son are home We just don't want to get caught - he said shaking his head I looked through it She was beautiful He was wearing tight jeans and a top Her hair was ironed and she fell beautifully on her shoulder
- But I want you now - I whispered and I pressed the big red STOP button on the elevator operator
- What are you doing ? - he asked anxiously
- I'll buy us some time "I answered then stepped in front of him put my arm around his waist and kissed him" At first he resisted and pushed me away saying it wasn't a good idea because if someone wanted to take the elevator they would call the plumber and we would get caught
 And how long does it take for the mechanic to get here ? - I asked him back with a smile and kissed him again I didn't have to convince him for long because he immediately let my tongue into his mouth We kissed passionately and our tongues tangled fiercely
- You're a very very bad boy - he said pulling away
- Then punish me - I did it right away
- You can't fuck me here but I have an idea how I can satisfy your desire until we're alone - I knew what you were thinking so I reached into my jeans and unbuttoned it The trousers glided off easily and stopped at my ankles My boxers were about to go on a bigger hiking trail Krista started her hands off my shoulder through my chest and abdomen all the way down to my underwear He put his hand in his pants and took out my brooding virility
- This is so exciting - he whispered after a kiss and kneeled in front of me He started slowly moving his hand He gently pulled the skin and admired my prominent Acorn She bit her lower lip and glanced at me I nodded with a smile indicating I was ready He leaned closer to my penis I felt her breath on my Acorn At first he was just playing with me He licked the tip gently then beat it again for a while Then another lick That was more intense His tongue was all over my Acorn Leaning on the side of the elevator I enjoyed the way you pampered me He took his hand from my cock and licked his side from the bottom to the tip Then he aimed at my balls He was sucking on my testicles intensely giving me incredible pleasure And then he just stopped and went back to my dick again Now he's not just licking it he's licking it he's licking my Acorns He was surrounded by his hot lips as he fluttered with his tongue and fluttered the end of my cock like this
- God Kristayou suck amazing - I moaned almost beside myself It was an incredible experience the way he treated me with his mouth He looked up at me and our eyes met I saw the fire and desire in him He enjoyed sucking He didn't wait long and a few moments later he let my cock into his mouth He swallowed my manhood like it was the most natural thing in the world So he stayed for a few seconds and let it out of his mouth
- Get ready ' cause you're about to have an experience you'll never forget  I was sure of that before so I didn't say a word I just smiled I didn't need any more and he fell on my dick and started sucking it Every move he made he swallowed my prancing limb giving me the pleasure I've never felt before My mind was filled with lust()


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